Local DID Origination Services
Blitz Telecom provides domestic U.S. local origination solutions from our state of the art

switching centers. This service transports originated local calls via SIP trunking from

multiple locations (rate centers) and terminates them to the customer's soft switch or

media gateway using local DID telephone numbers.  By utilizing Blitz's Inbound DID service, your company will have a "virtual" presence in nearly all of the USA. Our wholesale solutions offer premium reliability,

usability and scalability and is designed to meet the demands of our customers and yours.


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Messaging Solutions

Blitz’s Tier 1 inter-carrier gateway is a one-stop-shop for messaging and voice enablement.

All DIDs are message enabled and follow all policy controls to meet and exceed industry guidelines.

Our platform equips all service providers with message-enabled DIDs with inbound and outbound

SMS and MMS messaging, including the market’s most user-friendly web portal and APIs for

seamless integration and automation.