Blitz’s API (Application Programming Interface) allows customers to quickly integrate

Blitz origination products into their existing tools, work flow, and product offerings.

The API offers time-saving convenience to quickly provision DIDs, request trunk group

changes, or change routing. Information is safely and securely passed using

JSON-formatted requests and responses.

 Download Blitz API Spec Documentation

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Web Portal


Blitz's Web Portal provides customers with the convenience and control they need

to help streamline communications and simplify their business processes. Through

simple navigation, the portal dashboard provides a consolidated view of current and

previous orders. Customers are able to track their order status and receive direct

communication with Blitz provisioning staff members from the moment an order is

placed all the way through installation. The support and maintenance features allow

customers to easily update, escalate, or cancel an existing ticket. In addition, the portal

allows customers to efficiently search and filter through our current inventory by NPA,

NPANXX, rate center, and lata.